About the Award

The Fatima El-Fehria International Award for Women in Science was launched in the year
2000, as part of a major international campaign of the Women in Science International
League, to recognize and honor the outstanding achievements of women specialized in
all branches of science. In addition, to highlight to the international community the
significant role that women are playing in the advancement of Science Technology and
Medicine, and the need for their inclusion at all levels of the scientific educational
processes and development.

The Award is the first international recognition of women in science, technology, and
medicine.  It is designed to encourage and reward the excellence of women’s
achievements and accomplishments in science, medicine, technology, education, and
societies services, developmental programs, and humanitarian relief.

The Award has been named after Fatima El-Fehria - the Moroccan woman who donated
all her inheritance, more than 1200 years ago, to build the Karaouiyine University, based
in Fez - Morocco, which is considered the first university in the world.  Thus women and
the international world can learn from her life history how to utilize, employ and use their
abilities and intelligence to build up and promote societies on the basis of education.  
The First International Award To:

acknowledge The Accomplishment Of Women ONLY

recognize The Achievement Of Women In Science ONLY

prove Women Innovation, Excellence, Intelligence, And Success

be Named After A Woman Who Established The First University In The

honor women as leaders
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