The First International League to discuss & Promote
"Women in Science" rights

aims to:
Create a dialogue between "Women in Science" &

Involve "Women in Science" in Decision Making

Guide Policy-makers on the economic impact of Women in
Science in Sustainable Development Programs

Build Political, International & Scientific Support for the
improvement of "Women in Science" education, employment
& situations with a clear consideration for the different needs
of different societies & cultures
Objectives & Concerns:
•  Promote and help providing education in all branches of science to women and girls
in need, and to make it accessible throughout the improvement of the quality and
equality of education.
•  Encourage and support constructive social and scientific research and women
•  Organize scientific, educational, ethical, artistic, and economical programs worldwide
for various communities and institutions that will improve the situation of women in
•  Organize for special training programs, workshops, and visits to institutions and
•  Campaign for international change in the women in science policies through
communicating and co-operating with national and international governmental & non-
governmental organizations.  
•  Educate families, societies, and policymakers on the urgent need to promote woman
in science as great human resources.
•  Campaign to involve women in science in decision making.
•  Elucidate the importance of women in science in rebuilding societies, and
developing programs.
•  Elucidate to policymakers the difficulties facing women in science.
•  Urge greater support by men for equal opportunity issues, and to overcome gender
prejudices and biases in the selection & promotion of women in science.
•  Assess and raise the issues concerning women in science in developing countries.
•  Encourage the greater involvement of private sectors in funding and promoting
women in science.
•  Raise the issues concerning women’s health.
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