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Invest in
Today's Leaders
Why bother..?
Simply because the changes are needed to be
made NOT through ignorance
but through compassion & understanding
Admission & Counseling Service
The League helps students wishing to:
- continue their higher education;
- know how to achieve their goals in life and where to start;
- select accredited universities and proceed with admission
- how to present their educational skills along with their
ambitions that will develop the way of thinking and make their
studies more enjoyable & successful.

Encourages Students to enroll into 4 weeks internship programs
inside various departments at universities / institutions /
corporations, which aims to give students the chance to learn
more about the specialty of interest to them; how to adopt for the
changing transition; how to select subject and department for
furthering their undergraduate degree courses; how to plan for
further carrier; and how to communicate with academic staff.

Scholarship program
In collaboration with Corporations, the League assist to
establish scholarship departments within such corporations to
enhance their human resources.  Such program provides the
means of finding scholarships for talented students to study for
specific specialty according to the needs of corporations.

Exchange Program
The exchange program theme allows students to spend a year
or a semester in different universities/institutions, to meet
different cultures and to improve their skills.  Furthermore, this
program encourages postgraduate students to have joint
research degree program, which will help them to further their
research, upgrade research methodologies, and export-import
culture & technology between educational institutions.  
As the forum, conscience, and voice of the world university
students, the League promotes:
- Students’ vision and observations on higher education
quality and its environmental, economical and sociological
impact on sustainable development programs.
- Students scholarly work and strive to ensure that they make
the best possible contribution to the cultural, social, and
economic development of their society.
World Students League
A Voice. A Network, A Source, An Action..
Make Your Voice Heard at United Nations
HOW..?  Click here
University Students Think the Unthinkable
Fuels new thinking about the responsibility of students to improve
higher education system and narrow the gap between the developed
countries and the so-called the developing countries.  
-  Nominates students for scholarships, training
programs, and awards.
-  Creating interaction, communication, collaboration,
and exchanging experience and information in various
scientific and cultural areas between university students
from different countries (whether members or not).
Affiliated with
Royal Academy of Science International Trust
United Nations - DPI
The 2011International Youth Day centered on the theme of “change the world”.  As this year represent the culmination of the
International Year of Youth designated by the United Nations, the theme of this year “change the world” represents the influence of
youth initiatives at all levels which reflects that their efforts even though at the local level can have a global impact.

The Potential of youth as partners for development has been the main objective of RASIT’s work for the last 42 years.  Since 1969,
RASIT is committed to empowering youth and ensuring their participation actively in the shaping of societies in which they live
throughout education, training, networking, acknowledgment of achievements and most importantly to give them the platform to
make their voice heard.

Since 1969 our theme remains “Invest in Future Leaders”.  So many people ask why bother? And we always answer that changes
are needed to be made NOT through ignorance but through compassion & understanding.  

The aims of this report are to compile information on RASIT’s achievements and work for youth all through the years, to give the
international community a picture on Arab youth, and the knowledge on RASIT’s projects directed towards the development of
youth situation at different levels.  This Report provides an overview of those efforts.

In this booklet we recognize the numerous contributions that Youth made throughout activities and studies they conducted and
organized. We at RASIT strongly believe that Youth must be given every opportunity possible to participate and valued as partners
in decision making and action at all levels.  We give them the skills, the network, and the platform and indeed they proved that
youth are much more than the future leaders, in fact they are leaders of today and ready to develop a sustainable future.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to RASIT’s Trustees, Fellows, Associates, and Volunteers who
have remained loyal to our mission and for their continued dedication and support.

HRH Prince Adnan El-Hashemite