Science Cafe`
Towards Knowledge
Inspire Interest Joy Wonder &
Excitement of scientific discovery.
we will excite widespread interest
in science, raising awareness of
how it touches our everyday life
and how society can play a vital
role in helping it to progress
jeans 4 genes
Increase high quality health care and other
services for patients with genetic disorders
Invest in research and support scientists
to develop treatment and find cure
Encourage exchange of experience and
Sustainable Development
Studies Center
Influence policy-makers with the best advice
Experts in Genetics
in Caring
an inspiration of freedom, hope, dignity &
Humanitarian Aid
Engaging with the Public
Culture for Peace
Arts Literature & Culture are a vital part of society that
cannot flourish without it
RASIT is committed to raise the importance of arts in
developing human thinking and life along with science

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Serving Education & Humanity Since 1969
Affiliated with
Royal Academy of Science International Trust
United Nations - DPI
and our commitment forever remains
"whenever & wherever there is a human in need,
RASIT responds
World Youth League
Invest in future leaders & innovation
at the heart of Science Education & Humanity
El-Sharifa Fatima Fund
For Children & Motherhood
Arab Youth Empowerment Program
Towards Knowledge Societies
Increase access to the best science
internationally by maximizing the
opportunity for women in science to
contribute the development of Science
Technology and Medicine
Infertility National Public
Awareness Campaign
Republic of Lebanon

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