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November 10
World Science Day
The 2010 Day recognizes the role of science in facilitating the
rapprochement of peoples and cultures through its contribution
to the advancement of ‘mutual knowledge and understanding of
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Europe, Japan and the USA (the Triad)may still dominate
research and development (R&D) but they are increasingly
being challenged by the emerging economies and above all by
China. This is just one of the findings of the UNESCO Science
Report 2010
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International Volunteer Day
for Economic and Social Development
December 5th
World Teachers Day
October 5
It is an occasion to celebrate the essential role of teachers in
providing quality education at all levels.
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RASIT Elects Great City of Paterson - New Jersey as
the New Location for its Future Headquarter and
Programs Office.

RASIT Launching "MUTE" Program
A new program aims to empower DEAF individuals and
their families.
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RASIT Outstanding Service Award for 2013 is granted
to H.E. Mrs. Claudine Dominique Ouattara, First Lady
of Ivory Coast, and Chairwoman of Children of Africa

RASIT Establishing a New Center for Women's
Studies in the MENA Region.
The Center will conduct rigorous research and disseminates its
findings to address the needs of women in the MENA region,
promote public dialog, and strengthen families, communities, and
societies.  The Center shall fosters academic research, advocacy,
and community partnerships in support of science, culture,
education, work and family, health, employment and other issues
concerning the development of women in the MENA Region.  The
research will be run by women researchers and advocates from the
MENA region, and shall act as the real source of information about
the situation and achievements of Women in MENA Region.  

RASIT MENA Office Celebrates First Anniversary for
ENWAN Radio Program.  
Lebanese and Arab Youth SPEAK OUT Through ENWAN Radio
Program Live Every Monday on Lebanon Official Radio Station.  
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RASIT Executive Director Presents RASIT's Award to
the Minister of Information in the Republic of
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RASIT Executive Director and the Minister of
Information in the Republic of Lebanon Present
Certificates of Merits to the Youth Participated in
ENWAN Radio Program in a Celebration held at the
Ministry in Beirut - Lebanon
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"Youth Advocacy Center" a New Program of RASIT
World Youth League
As “Partners in Policymaking” The Advocacy Center is an innovative
model of leadership training for Youth.  It is designed to provide
state-of-the-art knowledge about issues and policies related to
issues that matter Youth life, and to develop participant
competencies to become more effective in influencing policy
development at all levels. The overall intent is to achieve a
productive partnership between Youth and those in position to make
policy.  The Program to be launched in September 2013.

RASIT MENA Region Office Signs Memorandum of
Understanding with Business Empower Corporate
Business Empower (BE), a leading IT corporate in the MENA
Region, will provide the IT Experience, Solutions, and Expertise to
run RASIT World Youth League Programs in the MENA Region.

RASIT and FCCIAL Signed a Memorandum of
Understanding for Cooperation in Arab Youth
Empowerment and Development Programs
The Federation of Chambers of Commerce Industry & Agriculture in
Lebanon (FCCIAL) and the Royal Academy of Science International
Trust (RASIT) signed on Tuesday September 25 2012 an MOU
aiming for cooperation in Arab Youth Empowerment and
Development Programs.  High levels of dignities, diplomats,
businessmen, and youth attended the ceremony.  RASIT and
FCCIAL will provide internship and training programs within the
FCCIAL and its corporate members.  In addition to workshops and
support Youth studies and research, both RASIT and FCCIAL will
organize an annual conference on the role of Arab Youth in
Development.  The President of FCCIAL Mr. Mohammed Choukeir
and the Executive Director of RASIT HRH Dr Princess Nisreen El-
Hashemite announced for the launching of The “RASIT-FCCIAL
Arab Youth Excellence Award.  This yearly award will honor Arab
Youth in various fields such as business, science and technology,
social sciences, and arts.

RASIT Launches READ Project in MENA Region
Read Project is a new initiative aims to encourage reading books in
the MENA Region.  The Project's theme is "Towards Knowledge
.  Read >>>    

The Renowned Scientist Professor Farouk El-Baz
shared a chapter on the Apollo astronaut training: a
publication of the Geological Society of America.
In his message to RASIT's Youth, Professor El-Baz said: "it is
intended to record the history of how it was done, in the hope that it
would help future generations do it better..
".  Read >>>

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Republic of Lebanon

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RASIT Sustainable Development Studies Center
Submits to the President of the Lebanese
Parliament HE Mr Nabih Berri a Module of Law  
Regarding the license and regulation of IVF
centers in the Lebanese Republic.  
RASIT Signs MoU with the
Ministry of Social Affairs
Republic of Lebanon
RASIT MENA Region Office organizes a seminar
to discuss the "Human Gamete Market!" in
Lebanon and Arab States.  The Seminar was
held under the patronage of The Lebanese
House Speaker H.E. Mr. Nabih Berri.  
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